Heres the thing,

Small teams of agile programmers will run rings around a traditional software development team. They adapt to change, make quick decisions, communicate better and are simply more effective.


Software development is a culture not a process.


Agile culture is a behavior. It's a rapid, iterative approach to development where programmers work in pairs, talk directly with customers, accept change and deliver functionality frequently.

It's the opposite of traditional software development where programmers work in isolation, adhering to rigid documentation and reveal their work only at the end of a project. We constantly communicate, operating with complete transparency aiming to exceed expectations.


A Modern Methodology



Clients work with programmers.

The person paying for the project is a valuable and essential team member. When customers work directly with programmers we all learn more about the domain. When the customer is a part of the team, the responsibility for delivery is shared equally.


Two heads are better
than one.

We often sit two developers at a single computer. A second set of critical eyes and joint problem solving keeps the pace high and the mistakes low. Two people working together is more constructive and productive than two working independently.


If something's not working, change it.

We all know change is inevitable, even late in the game. Rather than stalling, we expect and welcome change, adapt and quickly move on without losing project momentum. Constant fine tuning yields the best outcome.


If something’s working, release it.

Robust, well tested, usable form and function is the principal measure of a software project's progress. We frequently test and deliver small and discrete chunks of the end deliverable. This ensures expectations are met in terms of function, cost and timing.

Kaizen; the practice of continuous improvement.


We're proud when we write good code and we're happy to say so. However, today's good code needs to withstand tomorrow's evolving requirements.

We always strive to find ways to improve our knowledge and skill to yield a high quality and sustainable outcome. Never let your future self down, be responsible, accountable and play the long game.

Working with us.


Whether you're an employee or customer, it makes no difference. We embrace a common belief and work with a common understanding. Our ethic is built around self-motivated teams of skilled people - programmers and customers - working together to get the job done.


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Like Minded People.



Hire people simply because they can do the job, they'll only work for the money. Hire people who believe what you believe, and they'll become a part of a tightly knit team of practitioners and journeymen.

photo of Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani



Abhinav has 17 years of experience with every tier of web infrastructure and applications, from enterprise to the bootstrapped/entrepreneurial level. He speaks fluent "geek" and "suit", with solid technical depth, pragmatism, focus and a cheeky sense of humour. He loves to ride bikes and climb mountains.

photo of Dan Fowlie

Dan Fowlie



Dan's IT experience has taken him across NZ as well as a stint in the Middle East. He has a well respected depth of expertise in the space and is a Certified Administrator, Developer and Sales Cloud Consultant. He enjoys running and is an avid sports fan.

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