An introduction to Trineo's culture

Simone Marin April 5, 2019

It’s not just about the skills, is it? Company culture is a big part of your satisfaction and success in a job, and that makes it a huge part of the success of a company. Trineo is a carefully curated team; we believe the best work is done when everyone is aligned to shared values, no matter the different skill sets, experience, and dreams we bring. Our culture is ever-changing, evolving with every new Trineo, but our ways of working are based on principles that remain steady.

This list is designed to give you some honest answers to questions you may have about working at Trineo, and help you decide whether we are the right fit for you.


The real driver

First and foremost, Trineo is driven by people - we are humans who work together on rewarding projects, not automatons who churn out tasks. This is not a factory.

We definitely set a fast pace at times, but our aim is a sustainable pace, delivering high quality, well considered solutions. You won’t feel pressure to work long hours so we can grow the team or make millions for investors. That’s not what Trineo is about.

We take nothing for granted. Trineo had humble beginnings, and hard work has brought us this far. The momentum behind our growth is fuelled by people, nothing else.

Consulting - Trineo style

As considered as we are in our hiring process, we put the same amount of thought into our customers. Trineo builds long term relationships with our customers; we work with them to develop and deliver non-trivial products. Each project team develops a partnership with a customer, many of which last for years, as we delve deeply into the problems they need to solve.

Our focus at all times is on communication, quality and teamwork, not on vague deliverables and high speed context switching between multiple generic projects. We get the job done right, through allowing our team to focus and do deep work to deliver real value.

Doing good work

It’s a core belief here at Trineo that we should do good work, leave no stone unturned, do the best for our customers and the rest will take care of itself.

For Trineos, we gain personal and professional satisfaction from doing good work together.

For our customers, they realise true value in the work we do together, which can lead to growth in their own business. Typically, our customers keep working with us for the long term, as partners. They also usually end up referring new and well qualified work to us.

For Trineos and customers together, we develop a meaningful sense of teamwork.


At Trineo, you’re part of a team. We don’t hire rock stars, ninjas or lone wolves to take everything on themselves; we work together in a respectful way to recognise and make the most of the whole team’s strengths.

Working across countries

Trineo loves a long distance relationship, and our main offices are spread over three countries. You’ll find yourself working with people in a different time zone, a different season, or an ocean away - but you’ll learn to communicate, collaborate, and work together. Our aim is to help you converse as easily as if you were at the next desk. We use tools like Slack and Confluence to keep the conversations flowing and information shared, and set up our meeting rooms with simple tech that works - so you can jump on a call with the minimum of fuss.

Taking care of you

A healthy, happy team is what we want. To that end, all Trineos can access wellness incentives that really make an impact. We have massage therapists visit each office, and offer regular reimbursements for your own choice of health and wellness activities. On top of this, we have a specific mental wellbeing program for access to coaching, counselling, psychology, and other mental wellbeing services.

Many of our team work flexible hours, or locations. Life is more than work, and we understand that you have to find a balance between the office and home - that may mean leaving early for the school run, or saving up your days off for a big vacation - we are truly family friendly and want you to have a fulfilling life in and out of the office.

People experience

There’s a team of people at Trineo who lead the people experience; from before your first day in a Trineo office, you’ll be in contact with someone who will guide your way and help you find anything you need.

We are the grounding of each office - the people who fill the snack jars, answer the questions, bring everyone together. Every Trineo office has its own personality, grown from the people who work there, and nurtured by your PX team.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is about ethically interacting with the society we live in - including our team members, the communities in which we operate, and our planet. We provide a safe, enjoyable and supportive office environment, and are active members of the communities outside our office doors - both our local neighbourhoods and our tech communities. We always aim to minimise our impact on the natural environment, through recycling, avoiding wasteful merchandise, minimising travel and being mindful of energy use.

Trineo gives regularly to charities and causes that have a real resonance within the team, and provide immediate support to our local communities.


Through good work, we can afford ourselves some valuable rewards. From the simple team lunch and company t-shirts through to our annual TrineoCon event, we focus on rewards that make a real impact to Trineos.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, please check out our Careers page to see if there is a role that fits your skills. If not, you can apply for our “I want to work at Trineo” role listed. We’d love to hear from you.

Simone Marin

Simone Marin