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Dreamforce 2019: A live demo of Trineo’s award-winning work

Jessica Kahn January 6, 2020

Dreamforce 2019: The best demo of Trineo’s award-winning work that I have ever seen!

I knew that Abhinav and Alex’s Beyond Transformation talk at Dreamforce 2019 would be valuable for the Heroku-curious and large-scale digital transformation minded. I knew it would include architectural decisions from our five-year journey with Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO). I knew that our hard work recently earned us the first-ever 2019 Salesforce Innovation Partner award. 

What I didn’t know? That I would see a ridiculously cool demo of our award-winning work in action.


Our Dreamforce talk dives straight into where we are today, showcasing the new streamlined applications we’ve built to help CCO, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising businesses, to modernize the billboard experience. For a little background on the road to today head over to our case study

The presentation begins with Alex Porter, CCO Vice President, showing the digital apps used to manage the CCO billboards that are a part of the Salesforce Dreamforce 2019 campaign, and how highly intelligent and engaging this software is from the perspective of a customer, marketer, and field operations staff. 

Broken down into four “acts” indicative of the evolution that occurs with large-scale transformation, you’ll see a live demo of the actual applications we’ve built. Alex walks the audience through the business challenge and proposed solution down to the technical architecture - connecting strategic planning with actual results working seamlessly in reality.

Alex (left) and Abhinav (right) stand in front of a Dreamforce 2019 ad on a Clear Channel Outdoor billboard.
Alex (left) and Abhinav (right) stand in front of a Dreamforce 2019 ad on a Clear Channel Outdoor billboard.

Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2019 Billboard Campaign

Salesforce, a customer of Clear Channel Outdoor, had digitally placed 166 Dreamforce 2019 advertisements on billboards throughout a highly concentrated area of San Francisco. If I were the marketer in charge of this campaign, or on the internal CCO sales or ops team, I’d be thrilled with the quality of this user experience and the information I could easily get. They also dive into the architecture, processes and flow for the more technical folks in the room.  

Some highlights as follows:

- At ~3:30, Alex demonstrates how the CCO apps verify to Salesforce that the ads they paid for are running on the correct billboards. (awesome for the Salesforce marketer)

- At ~19:00, Alex shows how CCO employees can select a specific location through the apps and drill down to see the various ads that have run on that billboard over time. You can even gather details like specific campaign information and view historical photos of the ads running. (awesome for the CCO sales rep)

- At ~20:00, Alex shows how you can drill in further and see all of the operations information behind the ad: who installed the billboard, the digital version of the work order, how many others were installed in San Francisco that day, and all of the campaign information that the ad was part of. (awesome for the ops team)

Then, at ~28 minutes, Alex and Abhinav begin describing our latest work which goes far beyond modernizing existing processes and tackles a new frontier. We implemented a Programmatic Advertising platform for digital billboards, bringing cutting edge on-demand ad technology to the out of home space. This work created an entirely new revenue stream as well as significant efficiencies for CCO.

The entire 45-minute talk is excellent, but if you are pressed for time and want to see the highlights of how to build a modern user experience (and beyond) on Heroku, watch those sections. As our platform of choice in allowing us to focus on developing solutions, systems, apps, and integrations - it’s inspiring and remarkable how Heroku enables us to do this kind of transformation for our clients.

It’s pretty cool for me (and hopefully you agree) to see this snapshot of our journey with Clear Channel Outdoor all in one go! As we all know, meaningful, long-term transformation is a marathon, not a sprint - and we’re so excited to continue the evolution with such great partners.

Watch the Dreamforce presentation!

Going Beyond Digital Transformation W/ Heroku: The Clear Channel Outdoor Story

How do you transform a paper-based, old school industry into one that delivers fully digital and connected experiences for employees, customers and partners? Learn how Clear Channel Outdoor partnered with Trineo and used Heroku to build a modern API and apps to streamline the connection between digitally savvy marketers and global out of home audiences.

Jessica Kahn

Jessica Kahn