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Everything you need to know about the new Work.com.

Peter Chalmers May 29, 2020

The name may sound familiar, however the offering is something quite new. Salesforce has relaunched Work.com as a new brand to support businesses as they go back to work following global disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers can access many of the features today with the aim to be fully functional in June. 

We discussed the new Work.com at length in our recent SFDC Academy Weekly Livestream which you can listen to HERE for more colour and detail about the product features and how it works.

In short, here’s what we know so far. 


Work.com is positioned to support businesses in the current pandemic but is evergreen as a tool for any future crises that require highly coordinated, wide-ranging actions to communicate, monitor and respond in order to keep people safe and maintain as much continuity and stability as possible. 

The platform is really a combination of existing cloud functionality used in new and different ways with some custom applications built on top. Because a lot of capabilities have been repurposed, Salesforce has been able to build and launch the new Work.com offering with record-breaking speed. This makes the offering not only viable during an ongoing crisis but also familiar to many of the users and implementation partners - which should increase speed to production for businesses and adoption rates. 

  • Built with US and HIPAA Compliance in mind
  • Leverages Health Cloud and Communities Cloud
  • Repurposes capabilities and visual elements from Einstein Analytics, Lightning Scheduler, Salesforce Maps, and Program Management
  • Enables flexible coordination across multiple stakeholders during rapidly changing circumstances
  • Immediate use cases: 
    • An agency that provides relief, health, safety, policy, research or other services that assist those affected by a crises
    • A business that needs to monitor staff in regards to safety and wellness, to action steps that must be taken (medical care, contact tracing, etc) and forecast changes to the workforce (shift management). 



The product functionality includes:

Command Center + Employee Wellness Assessment

  • Chatbot captures initial request 
  • Evaluation based on answers directs the person to the next course of action to receive the care they need
  • Trigger appropriate staff required to address the situation
  • Monitor progress and condition status
  • Reporting dashboards

Contact Tracing App

  • Manually capture recent interactions from the Contact 
  • Create a location-based on supplied details
  • If other parties are affected, new leads are created
  • Triggers the process to contact the new lead and repeat

Emergency Response Management 

  • Combination of existing features used in new ways to engage emergency response teams
  • Test, track and respond
  • myTrailhead for Employees  
  • Return to work preparation
  • Custom “trails” for employees and employers (similar to onboarding processes)

Shift Management App

  • The concept of an employee is now part of the data model (not necessarily a licensed user)
  • Coordinated workforce scheduling and planning

Volunteer and Grants Management   

  • Repurpose existing functionality, some overlap with above
  • Streamline and coordinate programs

We’re already starting to see partners building applications that cater to the needs of any business returning to work, from retail to hospitality to travel and much more. Because this is a robust combination of existing clouds and functionality, by nature the new Work.com has the ability to be rapidly deployed and the flexibility to be utilised across many different use cases and industries. 

Stay tuned to our weekly SFDC Academy Weekly Livestream where we’ll share more features and functionality as the rollout continues. Drop us a line if you have any questions or want to dig into any of the features we discussed. 

Peter Chalmers

Peter Chalmers