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Welcome to the Trineo Academy!

James Buxton July 16, 2021

We are very pleased to announce the formal launch of the new Trineo Academy! Over the years we’ve enjoyed participating in internship programmes with some of our local universities. The experience has been very rewarding for our staff and provides genuinely beneficial real world training for our wonderful interns, many of whom we still remain close with to this day! 

Our world is well into the fourth industrial revolution with businesses and consumers shifting to integrated digital solutions and the merging of our on and offline worlds. What was already gaining momentum was amplified exponentially by the pandemic, forcing everyone to get online and find a way to keep going despite isolation and distributed populations and workforces. 

As a professional services software development company and a preferred Salesforce partner, we are lucky to be in an industry that’s increasingly in high demand. This presents both an enormous opportunity and a major challenge as we struggle to find talented people to join our teams. 

And so with all of this in mind, we thought why not just create a robust programme that  nurtures industry newbies and helps shape their careers whilst gaining new and incredible talent at the same time?! 

Welcome to the Trineo Academy!


About the Academy

The Trineo Academy is a year-long training programme where recent grads are invited to join forces with a view to permanent employment at Trineo. The programme consists of four phases: 

  • Trineo Incubator (1 month)- We’ll provide you with an intensive onboarding and development experience aimed at providing you the skills and understanding to succeed in your programme
  • Bespoke Rotation (5.5 months) - You’ll spend five months working in our bespoke team gaining Ruby skills and contributing to client projects
  • Salesforce Rotation (5.5 months) - You’ll move on to our Salesforce team where you’ll be given the chance to deliver on client projects and gain Salesforce certifications.
  • Permanent Placement - You’re hired! We'll work together to place you in the right role and department based on your skills, preferences and business needs. 

What do I get? 

Program benefits include:

  • Dedicated development program
  • Dedicated coach/mentor 
  • Training and professional certifications
  • Volunteer Seva community service hours
  • Expand your network with industry's best and brightest

Program Eligibility 

Whether you’re embarking on your journey into your first career or making a change mid-flight, we welcome all kinds of backgrounds, experience and knowledge. Our culture and values are what makes us Trineo, and so our grad requirements are centred around personality, creativity, passion for technology, and most critically values alignment. You can learn more about our values here

Other considerations include: 

  • Recent grad / degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or another technology related field (we’re honestly pretty open minded!)
  • Christchurch based or willing to relocate at your cost
  • Less than 2 years experience in this new field 

Recruitment Process 

We like to keep things simple and focus on understanding you as a person. Our recruitment process reflects this and will give you the chance to talk to senior members of our team, collaborate on interesting examples and explore a bit of what it is to be part of the Trineo team!

So what are you waiting for, send us your resume and enrol today!

James Buxton

James Buxton