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Trineo's Fifth Birthday

Feb. 17th

Author – Neil Hamilton

The team at Trineo recently celebrated our fifth birthday.

We’ve come a long way since Abhinav and Dan starting working together in a broom-cupboard in Christchurch what seems like a millenium or two ago. We now have just under thirty staff in four cities in three countries, and operate as one virtual team to service the needs of our global client-base. For the most part this works really well and we have some great tools that promote collaboration across our locations, but there are also times when we feel the geographic spread more keenly, particularly when we have something to celebrate. It’s at such times that it’d be good to come together in a single location for a beer or several.

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Trineo becomes a Product Development Partner

Feb. 4th

Author – Dan Fowlie

We are proud to now be recognised as a Salesforce Product Development Partner. This acknowledges not just our technical capability in developing a product solution, but also our experience and knowledge of the non-technical aspects of building a product.

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Trineo Ranked 32nd on the Deloitte Fast 50 for 2014

Nov. 7th

Author – Neil Hamilton

The 2014 Deloitte Festival of Fast Growth was held at Villa Maria Estate in Auckland on Thursday 6th November, culminating in the Fast 50 Awards in the evening. For the second consecutive year Trineo figured amongst the fastest growing companies in New Zealand, coming in at 32nd on this occasion.

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Dreamforce 2014 Reflections

Oct. 22nd

Author – Dan Fowlie

Dreamforce 2014 was of course the biggest and best yet. Every year Dreamforce gets bigger and grander. No doubt 2015 will be bigger still. The question is often asked, “Will Dreamforce ever leave San Francisco?” But Salesforce is San Francisco, the heart of the company is there.

The big announcements of Dreamforce have been well covered in the press. New buzzwords 'Lightning' and 'Wave' have arrived. The good news is that these new products go beyond their names and have real substance to them.

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Trineo USA

May 12th

Author – Abhinav Keswani

After a long and carefully executed series of events, we're really proud to announce the launch of Trineo, Inc in the USA.

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Salesforce Reference Plugin for Sublime Text 3

March 7th

Author – James Hill

The Salesforce developer documentation is of course the source of all wisdom, but it can take a bit of time to leave your development environment, search for what you’re after, and follow the right link. Being able to go straight to the desired location in the documentation from within your dev environment will help prevent you from losing your flow as often happens when you have to spend time searching for solutions – so towards that end, I’ve assembled a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that does just that!

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