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Thoughts worth sharing

What we do in the Shadow(tech)

Trineo Christchurch welcomes two local high school students into the office as part of ShadowTech.

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Pics or It Didn't Happen (TrineoCon 2018)

TrineoCon isn’t just a Christmas party. It’s an end of year reward for the work that Trineos have done; it’s an indulgence, a celebration, a surprise and a kickstarter for the coming year. 2018 saw the Sydney Trineos head to the beautiful Wolgan Valley.

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A Lego Game for Choosing a Summer Student

To watch how our summer worker candidates interacted in natural situations, we gave them a Lego exercise. The objective: put them in a pressured situation that was fun and not too intense. Here’s how it worked.

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Trineo's Fifth Birthday: We've Come a Long Way

We’ve come a long way since Abhinav and Dan starting working together in a broom-cupboard in Christchurch what seems like a millennium or two ago. Four cities, three countries, a truly global team.

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How I Proposed using Salesforce and Twilio

I recently got engaged. It was a happy occasion, full of surprise, champagne and a beautiful mountain backdrop. Being a technologist I couldn’t resist the chance to do a truly unique proposal.

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Our First Hack Club Initiative

Hack club. A simple name for an audacious initiative when we down all our project work to focus purely on creativity and that which interests us as individuals. It gives everyone breathing room to explore.

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