A little thing called full-scale transformation

Trineo builds competitive advantage. We modernize systems. Make data flow between old and new. Add power. Restore momentum.

I’m thrilled with how quickly we’ve been able to build new systems that deliver real value to our company. In partnership with Trineo, we’ve built a solid foundation on Heroku that will scale seamlessly as we continue to grow.

Alex Porter

VP of Product Development

Clear Channel Outdoor

What we do

  • AWS integration
  • Enterprise API development
  • Identity management
  • Legacy data management
  • Front and backend engineering
  • Systems + data architecture
  • Application development
  • User experience design
  • Social Intranet Solution
  • Strategic consulting
  • Agile methodology training
  • Salesforce Lightning Conversion

Every company is becoming a software company or is at least is minimally involved in technology. Knowing that we can’t do everything, it’s really good that we were able to find a partner that can speak as if they were actually in the business. The Trineo team is great. We love working with them.

Thiago Figueiró

VP of Production Operations and Engineering

Westfield Labs